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The TRUTH about DDR3 speed: is it WORTH IT? [QUICK & SIMPLE]

Is it worth it paying extra money for the popular DDR3 1600 or the more expensive DDR3 2800 when playing GAMES or for PRODUCTIVITY? In other words, will paying more for faster RAM give me a faster computer?

Here's a simple graph from LinusTechTips that explains everything without having to listen to the whole video:

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PS: make your screen wider to see the image popup better if you can't read the text.

DDR3 speed, will it make a difference in gaming or applications?

In that image, the numbers on the right are the frames per seconds and on the left the type of CPU / RAM configuration. As you can see, the difference between the fastest and slowest RAM modules is NEGLIGIBLE

Is it WORTH IT to pay more for the FASTEST (and more expensive) DDR3 RAM? ANSWER: NO. You won't see any gains in speed between the different RAM speeds (it's all about MARKETING) so stick with the least expensive. The only reason to pay more for RAM would be if you liked the color or look of it.

faster DDR3 RAM worth it?
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As Linus points out, when he tested different DDR3 RAM speed with games and productivity application, there was barely a few frames per seconds difference between the most demanding games, something that would be impossible to notice in games.

So SAVE your dollars and stick with the best priced, most popular DDR3 1600 modules and you're going to have a very fast PC without spending for things that don't matter!

16 GB of DDR3 RAM
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Here's LinusTechTips full video if you want to listen to it:

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