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Best computers for Forex Trading in 2024

Let's be clear: the BEST Forex Traders only use MULTI-MONITOR computers.

They don't use a laptop from the beach.

That's a MYTH.

Yes, that's a MYTH. The ones that make you BELIEVE that have something else to SELL YOU. They sell you courses, the "lifestyle" etc and make you believe it's easy and fun and you can do it from anywhere with a laptop.

The TRUTH is that Forex Trading is HARD. Really hard. And that's why so many people fail.

But with the right TOOLs you'll have what it takes to start learning, spotting trends as they come (not AFTER the fact) and then take ACTION and make money. It's HARD, but if you really want to, YOU can be part of the PROS, too.

Here's a selection of our cheapest yet highly functional Forex Trading computers.

3-Monitor Stock Trading Computer (Best Value)

4-Monitor (24") Computer (Mid-Range - NEW!)

6-Monitor Computer (Best Value)

8-Monitor Stock Trading Computer (Ultra Fast)

PS: we do NOT sell computers. We pick the BEST QUALITY parts at the LOWEST PRICE that are COMPATIBLE and give you links to buy those parts

PPS: by assembling your computer YOURSELF (it's easy even if you've never done that), you save around 30-35% compared to the same PC but store-bought.