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The ONLY website that allow you to build MULTI-MONITOR COMPUTER EASILY
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I'll Save You Time And Money And Show You How To Build
A Multiple Monitor Computer (From 2 to 30 Monitors)

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4 Reasons You'll Love My Automated System & Tutorials

Save a LOT of Time

Searching for the right parts, even when you know a lot about computer, is really hard. I'll choose for you the BEST PARTS only: what power supply you need when you buy 4 video cards, which video card for your exact needs, what monitors, etc. It also saves you a LOT of frustration, trust me, I'm talking from experience...

Save Money

Going straight the the best parts for your budget, best prices online and allowing you to build a fast, stable computer perfect for your needs is a huge money saver. You'll get ALL THE LINKS to the EXACT PARTS from the BEST PLACES online.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

I bought the wrong parts a couple of times. It's frustrating, time consuming and you don't need to do that too. I'll give you the links to the parts, tell you WHY (in case you're wondering) and tell you how to get the MAXIMUM from that system. I'll also keep all UPGRADING NEEDS in mind so you don't have to buy a whole new system in 2 years.

CLEAR "How To" Videos

Once you've ordered your computer and got the parts, you'll have access to "How To" videos for each computer parts to install. It is EASY even for the MOST NOVICE PERSON.

More Info Thank you! Easy Computer Builder >>

For who is this great for?

Stock Traders

I love stock trading. But doing it on less than 6 monitor is insanely hard and bound for failure. Having 11 monitors (spanning 2 computers) allows you to always keep an eye on your stock and take lightning quick decisions that is the difference between making a lot of money or loosing a lot.

Video Editors and VLOGGERS

Well, this is a no brainer: having 4+ monitor computer setup is just your dream configuration. I'm sure you can think of ways to implement your setup.

Graphic Professionals

Again, I'm doing a lot of graphic design and photo editing on my spare time and having 8 monitor is crazy useful. Seeing all your pictures in Adobe Lightroom of Windows file Explorer on 4 monitors at once is a great timesaver and output maximizer. You MUST try it.

Hard Core Gamers

If you want to play using an AMD Eyefinity 3 monitor setup of another type of multi-monitor setup, this is the place.

To Impress People

If that's your thing! People coming to my home are indeed very impressed ;-)... I guess that is very satisfying in a way.

Advanced Programmers

I still use my 8 monitor computer for programming (PHP & MySQL) and it's AMAZING. It saves me tremendous time by allowing me to just move my head and have access to many databases, PHP reference website, code, etc. Less confusion, more action.


More Info Thank you! Easy Computer Builder >>

Thank you for using! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me here.

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