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Top 10 Cheapest 3-Monitor Video Cards [August 2016]

Here are the cheapest top 10 cheapest 3-monitor video cards currently on the market as of August 2016 (starting from cheapest).

NOTE: this list is curated to remove any bad quality, problematic or products that are simply too much trouble for the few dollars they would save. These are only the best, high quality but cheap (in price) video cards.

NOTE 2: this list is updated monthly with the lowest price items.

HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT CARD? If you just want it for WORK (trading, work, programming) and don't play any games then choose the least expensive video card that matches the OUTPUTS & cables that you have on your monitor(s) so you won't have to spend extra money to get cables or adapters.

EVGA GT 740 2GB Superclocked
PriceONLY $ 91.65
Memory2 GB RAM
InterfacePCIe x16
Maximum monitors3 simultaneous monitors
Passmark 1560
3DMark 2710
Recommended Power Supply400 Watts

* price may change by a few dollars from hour to hour & day to day